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gear acquisition syndrome thread

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53 minutes ago, Skeetbird said:

but they dont have on cheap sunglasses ........

I don't know what Pearly was worth in 1971, but I bet she's worth a lot more today......

They'd have to have cheap sunglasses if they wanted to drop the coin to buy a real 59 burst today, especially that particular one.  I bet it's in the $2 million plus range.

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On 11/8/2019 at 1:45 PM, JDaveG said:

I liked the BE too, but what I love about the Echoplex is what you are talking about -- it leaves my base tone alone.  I kick it off and nothing changes except the fact that the tone is more raw and less thick.  It's as "transparent" a delay as I've ever used, and honestly, I didn't think I'd ever use that term to describe a delay, but here we are.

It just kind of hangs out in the shadows, making my tone better without being real obvious about why it's better.  Since I'm not a huge overbearing delay guy to begin with, it's perfect for me.

I think I'm going to snag one of these.

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1 hour ago, Googlywoogly said:

If you put up #1 & #2 up for auction I wonder how much they would go for.  A lot of awesome riffs came out of those guitars.

It would have to be a collector. He butchered the neck on number 1 worse than anything Blackmore or Malmsteen ever thought of.  

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7 minutes ago, Googlywoogly said:

I thought Joe Walsh was the one that did the neck.  I have read that when he bought it from Walsh the neck modifications and tuner switch had already been done.

That could be right.  In either event, it's a matchstick in a world of ball bats.  I honestly wouldn't want it for any other reason than because of who played it.

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Just now, eatcorn said:

Tell me you guys have seen the ZZ Top documentary on Netflix right now. So good.

I have. It was good, but it was mostly fluff too, Frank was the only one who really opened up, and it basically skipped everything after Eliminator. But that fits in with the band's persona of telling tall tales/keeping things close to the vest.  It was an enjoyable movie with great live footage and photos, Frank's stories about drugs were hilarious, and it left me wanting about 5 hours more of footage.

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So, tone-lawyers, riddle me this: I use my guitar to simulate a sort of droning string sound by using a volume sweep, and two delays run back to back, so the attack is really slow and the decay holds on for a long time. But I'm finding that the Boss DD pedals I'm using don't have a decay anywhere near as long as I'd like.

Any recommendations for a good delay pedal with a super long decay?


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