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Terrorist attacks in Indonesia -- well this week is off to a peachy start.

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Sunday morning there were suicide bombings at three churches in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.  It was orchestrated by a family, including using their four young children to help with the attacks.  Here's the story:


Then later on Sunday, another bomb exploded at an apartment complex in the same city.  The bomb-maker apparently made a mistake and it went off accidentally.  

Then this morning, another bombing in the same city, this one targeting a police department.  Altogether, over a dozen killed and as many as 40 injured.  

All of them appear linked to an ISIS-affiliated terror network in East Java.  

I was in Surabaya just last week...literally two blocks from where one of the bombs exploded and perhaps close to some of the other locations.  I also have a student just two hours from Surabaya -- first time he's ever been abroad alone, doesn't speak any of the language, and while he's with very good, long-time friends of mine and safe I know it's been an ordeal.  The university decided to cut his trip short and get him out of Indonesia, so I'm having to help organize that while talking with my friends in Surabaya and nearby areas to give condolences and make sure everyone is okay.  And one of my "friends" -- a student at a university in that area that I've met a few times -- lost his friend in the attack.  

Now here's the part that hasn't made it into the news yet.  Word is that the police interrogated a member of the terrorist group and discovered that there could be as many as 25 different bombings in the planning stages around the country.  There was even mention of one at a mall, but not sure where.  We also know about police in Jakarta killing four terrorists today and a failed attack on a church in Central Sulawesi.  Threat levels are at their highest level in all of the major tourist areas of Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali, East Java/Surabaya, Yogyakarta, etc.) and police are recommending staying away from malls and crowded locations.  

So needless to say, it's been a complete s*** show the past two days.  I'm in a VERY safe location right now, so I'm not at all worried about myself.  I had to cancel a few travel plans, but that's no big deal.  For me it's not a big thing.  But I'm watching all of this **** unfold all around and not sure how big that terror cell is in East Java, so having to wait it out until things settle down a bit.  

Just giving an update and some info about the story, in case anyone has seen this in the news.

Hope everyone else's week is off to a better start than mine.  

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