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updated udfa with vids thread. updated 12:30pm 4-29

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Yeah It would be nice for some UGA guys to come in as UDFA. but you need to understand that other teams that are calling them too. sometime they are taking the first options to get into the NFL because they didnt get drafted. Im not even upset and Im a dawg fan. 

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1 hour ago, WOR said:

I hate how the UGA guys never come here in FA :( this team could use a Trenton THOMPSON or John Atkins. 

But hey! We managed to entice the backup kicker lol

Yeah I don't understand why we do not make those guys a priority as UDFA. Falcons seem to be very connected with Bama and LSU but not so much with GA. NE thinks highly of our guys though! LOL Trenton esp. had huge upside. Seems like GA guys do really well in the NFL on other teams....just not here. It's been this way a very long time. But the Saints haven't done very well acquiring local talent lately either. LOL

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