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I’ll be honest. Out of all the first round picks we’ve had since Quinn and company have been here, I’ve never jumped out of my seat excited but I did when we took Ridley. That was totally unexpected and so exciting knowing we got a true playmaker on top of the other guys we have. That being said, picking two more guys at the same position after Ridley doesn’t make much sense. I understand Gage or whatever his name is, is good value but it’s just a head scratcher to me. I really liked the Oliver pick also and in our division you can never have enough depth at corner. Senat was another good value pick and if he can use his size and take on some of Grady’s double teams our defensive line will be monstrous. The RB we drafted is a strange pick to me also but I do understand why they did it and I know we didn’t have a 5th round pick and took the guy they liked when they could get him. Overall, I think we filled some needs and got some good value picks and possible instant starters/playmakers. I give ‘em a solid B.

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13 hours ago, jidady said:

Yeah, I hated the pick when it happened because we loosened the filter for him. Then, the situation turned out exactly as we should have expected. When he played, however, I understood why they took a chance. He was going to be a Pro Bowl player with All-Pro potential.

Collins was never going to be an All-Pro. Never.

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I say the DT pick was a Dead rin ger Senat sation,,, !!!! :mmmhmm:  I've read on here that some didn't like this pick,, I'll go on record and say,, I think he will be the bst pass rush DT in this draft,, and will have more sacks this year than any other Rookie DT. My favorite pick,,, 

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4 hours ago, stizz said:

How'd he fare against the good QBs who came out and said they targeted him?

I mean, according to that link I just provided, exceptionally well.

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