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What Is Your Perfect Day Three?


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1 hour ago, TRUju2111 said:

They said at the very end hes been cleared by Dr. Id take him in the 4th for sure! 

For like the 10000th time... the doctors that "cleared" him are the ones from Michigan... who are the same azzhats that missed the condition in the first place.

Not a single NFL team doctor has cleared him yet or he'd have been drafted by now. All 32 teams are not passing up a guy who is top 20 talent for three straight rounds unless there is a very, very, very serious issue. Think about it. ;)

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19 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

4- Marcus Allen, S (also like Jewell, McIntosh, Mata’afa, Hand, Sweat, Watts)

6- backup QB (Luletta, White, Falk)

7- Brett Toth, OT

7- FB, whoever is beat

Then sign about 3 more DTs in udfa and a good vet NT (Rubin)

Marcus Allen had a lot of buzz initially, if he's still available at our pick we shot pull the trigger

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