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QB Chase Litton - A poor Josh Allen

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Chase Litton (Marshall) -- Consider him a discount Josh Allen. Like a deep, deep discount. Like one of those shelves at Walmart stocked with a sad assortment of food on the verge of expiration. But it’s almost free. Make no mistake, Allen is the far, far superior prospect. We’re not trying to conflate the two, even for all of Allen’s drawbacks. The similarities are there, though. Litton offers a base and build to dream on, with a palatable frame at 6-foot-5, 230 pounds and an NFL-caliber arm to pair with a quick release. At his best, he’ll slice-and-dice you underneath before burning you with the big toss down the sideline. His fearlessness to take risks deep appeals and he loses none of his arm strength when throwing on the run.


There’s moldable ability, here, but that will need to rise above Litton’s disconcerting tendencies toward the turnover. We saw him crash and burn several times down the stretch in 2017, notably in a four-interception debacle against FAU, the second game in what finished as a six-game streak with at least one interception thrown. Litton does not demonstrate any sort of particularly advanced vision and often worked as a one-read-and-done passer in college. And while he did consistently show nice arm strength when rolling out, the rollouts themselves could sometimes best be described as robotic or by-the-book. Still, there’s enough to work with here that in the dark, late hours of Day 3, when war rooms are running solely on caffeine fumes, Litton’s is a name which should have real appeal as a talented project.


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