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What Scouts had to say about our Players predraft


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This is from the Bob McGinn annual draft statements from scouts... I was looking over the last 3 drafts and just thought this was a good read since we are 5 days before the draft





2017 draft

2. TAKK McKINLEY, UCLA (6-2, 250, 4.60, 1-2): Two-year starter at DE. “He is a tenacious, 100 mile an hour, balls to the wall guy,” said one scout. “Football is his life. He’ll work at his weaknesses. He ran a 10.7 100 meters in high school. Great first step. He can play outside backer.” Others say he should continue playing from a three-point stance. “He can’t play linebacker,” said another scout. “He’s too stiff. He has get-off, strength, quickness, motor.” Just 6-2 but has the longest arms at the position (34 ¾). “His arm length saves him,” said the first scout. Underwent shoulder surgery following the combine after playing hurt for two years. “He might not be ready until September,” one scout said. “I’m trying to figure out who takes him in the first round knowing that.” Finished with 102 tackles (29 for loss) and 17 sacks in 34 games (24 starts). “Not as big as you’d like but this guy is disruptive and slippery,” another scout said. “He gets a lot out of himself. But, the tighter quarters he’s in, the less productive he is.” From Richmond, Calif.

7. DUKE RILEY, Louisiana State (6-0 ½, 231, 4.60, 3): Played special teams for three seasons backing up Kwon Alexander and Deion Jones at weak-side LB. “Deion was much faster than Riley,” said one scout. “He’s not the same athlete. Is he a smarter football player than Deion? Probably.” Started 13 of 50 games, finishing with 144 tackles (10 for loss) and 1 ½ sacks. “I liked him over (Kendell) Beckwith,” said another scout. “Really good instincts, good space play. You’ll always be looking for a little bit better but he’s a dependable player.” Voted LSU’s MVP in 2016. From Buras, La.


2016 draft

3. KEANU NEAL, Florida (6-0 ½, 211, 4.60, 2-3): Third-year junior from Bushnell, Fla. "From the standpoint of being a hammer against the run and a tone-setting guy, he'll be a starting strong safety," one scout said. "You'll worry a little bit if he gets matched up in man coverage. For the most part, he protects himself from being in bad position. He may get caught every blue moon. He's not Kenny Vaccaro in coverage." Started 19 of 34 games, finishing with 146 tackles (4 ½ for loss), 4 picks and 9 PBUs. "He's got a really nice body and a great kid," another scout said. "He's a big-time hitter but he left a lot of plays on the field. He missed a lot of tackles. He has to clean up his open-field tackling. He's got a lot of potential." Extremely large hands (10 5/8). Wonderlic of 18. Added a third scout: "Good player, just not fast. He's more (Deone) Bucannon."

4. DEION JONES, Louisiana State (6-1, 221, 4.45, 2-3): Dynamic player in the kicking game as a backup to Kwon Alexander before becoming a starter at WLB as a senior. "He was the first guy down and was making all the tackles," an NFL special-teams coach said. "When I see guys like that I say, 'OK, that's the guy I want.'" Undersized but speedy and smart (Wonderlic of 28). "He's not that little," another scout said. "I'm not saying he's Ray Lewis but he is the same size. Very fast and explosive." Finished with 165 tackles (21 for loss), 5 sacks and 5 big plays. "He's kind of a novelty," a third scout said. "He'll have to play 'will' and be covered up. But he can really close to the ball. Great kid. Tough." Compared by another scout to Tampa Bay WLB Lavonte David. "He's a lesser version of (Darron) Lee," a fifth scout said. "He's not a complete guy." From New Orleans.

2. AUSTIN HOOPER, Stanford (6-3 ½, 253, 4.70, 2-3): Redshirted in 2013, started 27 games in 2014-'15 and then renounced final two years of eligibility. "Comes from a great athletic family," said one scout. "Measures his words when he talks. He tries to be like the smartest guy in the room, and he could be." Wonderlic of 29. From San Ramon, Calif. "He's OK," said another scout. "He's a low-end starter. He blocks well, he catches well. He just doesn't have any extra gears after the catch and no extra dominance after the block." Caught 74 passes for 937 (12.7) and eight TDs. "Very much more of a receiver," said a third scout. "He's a little undersized but he's a good receiver. He's an off-the-line tight end, which is the thing in the NFL now." Hands (10 5/8) were largest among TEs.


2015 Draft

3. VIC BEASLEY, Clemson (6-3, 246, 4.53, 1): Phenomenal combine with fast 40, vertical jump of 41 inches, broad jump of 10-10, LB-leading 35 reps on the bench press and Wonderlic of 29. "Dante Fowler's bigger and more powerful," one scout said. "Vic's a twitch speed guy. If he plays with proper leverage he can for short periods hold the point. He's more sudden than Dante. These pure speed guys always concern me because they're rarely successful in the league." Weighed just 220 a year ago. "He's a flame-thrower," another scout said. "He just comes up field. He's more athletic than (Shane) Ray. I just don't like the strength. He could bust because he's a little one-dimensional." Started 25 of 48 games, finishing with 101 tackles (52 ½ for loss), 33 sacks and nine big plays. "If you're trying to pick a guy you hope he becomes, you hope he becomes (Robert) Mathis," said a third scout. From Adairsville, Ga. "He's not a good run defender, but he's a pass rusher extraordinaire," a fourth scout said. "He's going to get pushed around a little bit on first down but be outstanding on third."

4. JALEN COLLINS, Louisiana State (6-1 ½, 201, 4.49, 1-2): Fourth-year junior started one game in 2012, two in '13 and seven in '14. "I think he can cover," one scout said. "He's going to have his limitations moving around like most 6-0, 6-1 guys. But playing at LSU and having the skill set that he does, it shouldn't take him too long. If you're a team that plays a lot of press, then he could come in and play right away. If you're a team that has a lot of different coverages and you want him to play off or play zone, then there will be some growing pains." Finished with 90 tackles (three for loss), three picks and 25 PBUs. "Great length but extremely raw," a second scout said. "He wasn't even theguy at LSU. Only reason he got playing time was a younger guy was a knucklehead and got suspended. He has a lot to learn about the intricacies playing the position and the footwork. From a talent standpoint, the arrow points really high on him." Wonderlic of 28. Has failed three drug tests. "He was up there (high on team's board) and then we got more exposure and he went downhill pretty quick," said a third scout. "His talent is as good as anybody's." From Olive Branch, Miss.
5. TEVIN COLEMAN, Indiana (5-11 ½, 207, 4.39, 2): Third-year junior. "He's explosive as heck," one scout said. "More of a straight-line guy. Every time he touches the ball it's a potential touchdown. Not a quick, nifty runner." Followed RBs Anthony Thompson and Vaughn Dunbar as the Hoosiers' third consensus All-American. "Little bit of a crease runner," said another scout. "Not a lot of movement. But you run a zone stretch with him, he'll plant it and get downhill." Finished with 452 carries for 3,219 (7.1, 28 TDs) and 54 receptions. Just back from a turf toe injury that concerns teams. Several personnel men said he is one of several draft-eligible players detected with the sickle cell trait. "He's the only one in a long time that can outrun pursuit angles," another scout said. "That's how fast he is. But he's not a creative back. I don't think he's a good natural runner inside. Doesn't run with a lot of power." From Tinley Park, Ill (Oak Forest High).

9. GRADY JARRETT, Clemson (6-0 ½, 301, 5.08, 3-4): Son of former Falcons MLB Jessie Tuggle, a five-time Pro Bowl player. "He is an exceptional run defender," one scout said. "Really, really quick. He got a couple cleanup sacks, but he can't rush the passer. You've got a two-down player. There's no question he's a good college football player. I have trouble getting excited about guys that can't rush the passer." Smart (Wonderlic of 31), athletic and productive. Finished with 137 tackles (29 ½ for loss) and 5½ sacks in 48 games (37 starts). "He's a runaround guy but he plays hard," a third scout said. "He's a little undersized but they don't have to play every down like they do in college. You're playing 30 plays a game, not 75 like in college." From Conyers, Ga.




* The number before the players name is where the player rank at that position

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11 hours ago, red falcon said:

Man they slept on grady.


"Really, really quick. He got a couple cleanup sacks, but he can't rush the passer. You've got a two-down player. There's no question he's a good college football player. I have trouble getting excited about guys that can't rush the passer."

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9 hours ago, NeonDeion said:

Is that a New Orleans scout or Debo is from New Orleans? I wasn’t sure reading that...


9 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

Just let me have this man!! :lol:

Nahh it was meant for the scout lol. He would or should of said LSU or the school if it was meant for Debo. 

Definitely think it was a slight towards the Aints and him being the Brees killer now hahaha 

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