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53 minutes ago, JerseyNo12 said:

Dude, they played in Atlanta in 2015 in DQ's first season. Rico had the game sealing INT.

Between 2002 to present, we've played the Eagles 13 times and 2018 will be the 14th time, that's more than any other team outside of our division the past 16 going on 17 seasons. The Eagles have only come to Atlanta 5 times in those 17 meetings. 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2015. The 2002-03 Divisional Round, 2004-05 NFC Championship Game, 2006 game, 2008 game, 2010 game, 2012 game, 2016 game, 2017-18 Division Round, and this upcoming 2018 game are all the 9 meetings the Falcons play in Philly. 

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37 minutes ago, Tomahawk Choppa said:

ESPN predicting that we go 9-7. Saints at 11-5. Carolina at 10-6. Tampa Bay at 8-8. 

That's good. Historically throughout NFC South history, the underdogs always go to first and the favored teams don't win the division. NO ONE has ever repeated the NFC South with back to back winning records. The 2014 Panthers got lucky taking advantage of the worst year of the NFC South by still winning the division at 7-8-1, which allowed them to 3-peat in 2015. The Buccaneers are even a dark horse because they were good in 2016 going 9-7 barely missing the playoffs and they had a lot of injuries throughout 2017 and still lost close games. 

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1 hour ago, vel said:

Man this is perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for after hearing we opened at Philly and had NO on Thanksgiving. 

We should be one of the healthiest teams all year. We have:

a 10-day break before week
a 10-day break after Thanksgiving
a 14 day break after week 7

That's a lot of rest that teams don't normally get during the year. Having a 10 day break before that December gauntlet is going to be crucial!

And we miss playing a Thursday game on short rest, while the Saints have back to back thursday night games.

Do have a lot of road games late, but 3 of those 6 are division teams, which the falcons shouldn't have any trouble getting ready for, no 3 in a row on the road.

How about they finally have a dominant home record again? How about 8-0 at home first time during Ryan's time here?

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