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Grady is a monster

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Lance Zierlan's draft write-up on Grady was pretty dayum accurate - and he had him as 2nd rounder:

  • 6'1"HEIGHT
  • 32 3/8"ARM LENGTH
  • 10"HANDS



 Jarrett lacks ideal size for his position but he makes up for it with outstanding quickness, leverage and effort. Against the run, he has the foot quickness to shoot gaps and disrupt and he can stack single blocks at the point of attack. If he gets caught by angle blocks, he lacks the sand to avoid being washed down the line of scrimmage. As a pass rusher, he has an array of quick hand moves and he is relentless with his motor. He should start very early in his NFL career and be a disruptive player versus both the run and pass.


 Undersized, despite his well-built frame. Relies on initial burst off snap to generate pass rush. Plays hard but will wear down in the fourth quarter. Might not be able to carry too much more good weight on his frame.


 Round 2


 "Grady will take you on a ride when he gets into you. I think grades on him will really vary since the only real fit for him is in a 1-gap 4-3 defense on the nose. Teams will beat him up over his size, but someone is going to get a good football player with him." -- NFC North scout


 Earl Mitchell


 Jarrett is built like a refrigerator, but he's hardly a stationary player. He lacks the overall size to be considered as a nose by most base 3-4 teams, but he's a perfect shade-nose fit for teams looking for a disruptive force in a one-gap, penetrating front.

-Lance Zierlein

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