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Deadrin Senat - Anyone Else a Fan?

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8 minutes ago, falconsfan4life3 said:

Think Senat is an underrated pass rusher. Actually had more sacks than Vea, Payne or Bryan last year.

#Falcons new DT Deadrin Senat improved every year at USF:

Run Defense / Pass Rush Grades

2014 - 75.0 / 69.2

2015 - 78.8 / 74.2

2016 - 84.7 / 78.1

2017 - 86.7 / 80.1

as an NFL scout/GM/coach - that is what you like to see - a player that got better every year. :D

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17 minutes ago, falconfansince1968 said:

I just became an Oaktown Fan looks like their FA has brains.................Senate my Azz!  Maurice will be a lot better than we could have gotten at the DT.  Time WILL tell!  I think quinn and TD blew this one a a fewmore!

Lol what? Maurice may not even play...theres a reason why so many teams passes on him. Either way Senat is underrated and will be a steal.

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