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Deadrin Senat - Anyone Else a Fan?

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Deadrin Senat from USF is a guy I haven't seen anyone talking about. I think if we are looking for a DT in the 3rd or 4th round, we should strongly consider Senat. While he did play against weaker competition, his production was extremely solid in 2017. He had 66 combined tackles, 10.5 for a loss, and 6 sacks (3 of those in his bowl game against Texas Tech). He had a good combine, putting up 35 reps on the bench (3rd best), ran the 40 in 5.16, 26" vertical, 100" broad jump, 7.77 sec 3 cone, and 4.79 sec 20-yard shuttle.  He's extremely powerful and has solid enough athleticism. On tape, Senat shows good burst off the line and uses strong hands to disengage from guards and centers and holds his ground well against double teams. He also had a pretty mean spin move that he uses to get around guys and get to the QB. 

Here are a couple videos, let me know what you think! 




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1 hour ago, VTCrunkler said:

I'm Bullish on him.  predicted round?

I've seen him predicted all over the place. NFL.com I think has him as 3-4. I've seen other reports that view him as fringe Day 1 pick. I've also seen some that have him in the 5th or later. I think it depends on whether you believe his pass rush ability will translate. I personally think it will. 

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Thanks guys! Like I said, this guy has a lot of upside at the 1T position. I'm a big fan of his tape and I'm generally just so excited about our draft. I know it's too early to call but I feel so good about each one of our picks and the value we got at each spot. We've got day one starters 3 picks in a row on an already stacked roster. Rise Up!

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