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As the roster stand right now, do we have a chance to return to the promised land?

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Forget the draft, the Ryan deal (we know he’s getting re-signed) and the free agents we haven’t signed or will sign. As of right now, does this team stand a chance of getting back? I think it all depends on the game plan. The personnel we have can get there, I truly believe that. I think it all depends on Quinn, Sark and Manuel. I feel confident in this team even before the draft and free agency and I’m not too upset we didn’t splash in FA, partly due to financial reasons I know. Who else thinks this team can FINALLY get it done?

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2 minutes ago, papachaz said:

yep, this team ALWAYS has the ability to go "full Falcon"...

No doubt about that. Some how before we die it could turn round. Last year at this time it was obvious the talented roster. Rosters change every year but this team is still very talented and fans of other teams realize this. They just hate admitting the Falcons are talented for some reason. That's when we see "trade Ryan" or "trade Coleman" threads.

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Of course we have a chance. Why? We have a nucleus of strength that few teams have. Our QB was league MVP a year ago. We also have a top-2 WR, two elite RBs and a fast athletic LB/DB corps. We do have holes to fill on the DL and need to firm up our OL. We need an upgrade at FB. Depth at TE and WR would be nice to have as well.

The key for us is to hit on our DT draft pick(s) and sign some additional DT depth from post-draft cuts by other teams. Good teams find very good WR3s and TEs from late round picks, UDFAs and other teams' cap casualties all the time. Heck we picked up Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson from the scrap heap in 2016. Alternatively, we need a couple of our developmental prospects take a big leap. JT Jones, Marvin Hall and Eric Saubert come to mind.

If we hit on our DT and stay healthy, we can absolutely make a run.

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Yes we can. It’s possible. 

For those saying “No” —— Look back to the offseason before the 2016 season at this time and ask yourself if you thought that roster was a championship roster. 

The point is that there is always a chance. The better question maybe....would you WANT to go into this season with this roster?

The answer would be Nah. 

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