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Bobby.Digital Mock Draft V1

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So to get this started I'll preface by saying this mock is what I WOULD DO. 

Now, I'm sure we'll be signing a run plugging DT before the draft. So to make things easier for this mock Bennie Logan will be run plugging NT we sign. 

Alright now for the draft, at #26 Vea, Bryan and Payne would be ideal however as things are looking right now I doubt they make it to us. So with them off the board the selection would be:

#26 - Leighton Vander Esch (ILB)

Vander Esch is one of my favortie prospects in the draft. He's my #1 LB in and should be a top 10 pick. Hes got the total package. Elite LB athleticism, rangy, great instincts, awesome in coverage. He consistently took over games at Boise State this past season, his only season as a starter. Huge upside. One knock on him is he does need to become stronger as he can struggle to disengage blocks. An NFL training regiment should get him good to go.

 #52 - Rasheem Green (DE/DT) 

If we miss out on Taven Bryan then Green is the guy to target in the 2nd round. He's a base end who can kick inside on passing downs. Think Michael Bennett. Good athlete with a nice first step, long arms and a frame that can handle about 10-15 more pounds. Love his hand usuage. Green has alot to improve on and may not be a big contributor early, however the potenial is MASSIVE. Paired with Quinn and I'm sure he'll be an impact player sooner rather than later.

#90 - Tarvarius Moore (FS) 

Moore is someone who I cannot believe is flying so low under the radar. He's a legitimate freak athlete. At 6'1 195 he clocked in a 4.32 40, 38.5 vertical and a 11'1 broad jump. Explosive and exceptionally fluid with coverage skills to match. Fits the single high FS positon like a glove. Could possibly transition to corner if he wanted too.  Moore does need to work on his tackling skills as he's susceptible to the occasional whiff but the willingness is there. Love his upside. 

#126- Antonio Callway (WR)

As you probably already know Callaway is my guy in this years draft. Character concerns aside he's a top 15 player in this class and an easy 1st round pick. Callaway is THE best WR to come out in the last couple of years. He reminds me alot of Sterling Sharpe (The great Packers WR). You can also see glimpses of Antonio Brown and Percy Harvin in his game. Smooth and fast. Terror against man coverage and electric with the ball in his hands. Day 1 difference maker out of the slot and as a returner. 

Now Callaway does have some big red flags but as a late 4th round pick the risk is worth the reward. We have a strong locker room and with his agent located in Atlanta (Who Callaway has been living with since being suspended from UF) we should be a good fit for him. 

#200 - Ade Aruna (DE/DT) 

Aruna is a freak both physically and athletically. He has all the tools to become an impact player in this leauge. Only started playing football in his senior year in highschool, Aruna is super raw. I would love to see what DQ can do with him. 

#244 - Brandon Shed (WR)

Shed is another plus athlete. He feasted on Div 3 defenses and looks the part of an NFL WR. Definitely has a big learning curve ahead of him but he's extremely intriguing. 

#256 - Kentavius Street (DE/DT)

After his ACL injury Street is essentially a priority UFA. He has some really nice athletic traits to work with. Lets see what DQ can do with him. 


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10 hours ago, M@ck said:

Love this mock, love Callaway, intrigued by Green, as well as Moore . Some diff guys for me to check out for sure .


Moore really surpised me considering the lack of hype. I would be completly fine with taking him in the 2nd round. His movement is so smooth, fluid, and explosive for a guy his size. I added a video to show off his COD skills. He has the makings of a top flight FS, or CB if he wanted to go that route. 



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