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Mock Draft v2

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I tried to make this mock as realistic as possible by sticking to the positions & players the Falcons have scouted, what our draft prospects have historically looked like. With these constraints in place, I picked the players that I like the best coming into the draft. I by no means have the time to watch every single prospect, so I'm all ears on feedback for new folks to take a look at, get excited about and then watch the Falcons not draft.

Other Moves

1) Sign a DT. Logan or Hankins I'd like the most. Rubin is my worst case scenario.
2) Sign a LB or 2. Need some veteran leadership here and some quality backups.
3) ***TRADE*** Atlanta receives a 6th rounder this year from Cleveland in exchange for a 5th rounder next year. We don't tend to value the later picks unless there is a need to use it.

The past few years our drafts have gone D/D/O ... and then it's a toss up from there. Based on our needs and how I feel the draft will play out, I don't anticipate that changing. Strong emphasis on players how participated in post season games (NFLPA, Shrine, Senior).

1) Isaiah Oliver – Colorado – CB --- BPA. Fits the mold of the defensive back Quinn looks for, and will offer financial flexibility in future years.

2) Nathan Shepherd – Fort Hays State – DT --- Dominated his competition and carried that dominance to the Senior Bowl before his hand injury. Has all the measurables Quinn desires. Still raw, but will be a great rotational piece year 1.

3) Tyrell Crosby – Oregon – OG/OT --- We luck out here, and Crosby slips. While it’s not really a need, this is another BPA pick. Also gives us the ability to move on from Garland and allocate that money to Matthews/Ryan contracts.

4) John Franklin Myers – SFA – DE --- Your new Adrian Clayborn. He played too heavy this past season. 6’ 3.5” at 280lbs sounds about right for him. May seem like a reach, but he checks off to many boxes for Quinn to pass up here. Not a lot of film here, so I had to work with what I had and read in between the lines from multiple reports.

6) Chase Edmonds – Fordham – RB --- He has a history of injuries, but seems like a good fit to replace Ward as a 3rd back. Not a lot of film, but he is similar to the mold of Ward, has soft hands and the Falcons like him.

6) Brandon Shed – Hobart --- Dominated his competition at the D3 level. Showed great route running, speed and hands … just needs to prove it against better competition. It was between this guy and Vyncint Smith  here. I feel Shed showed to be more of a 'hands catcher.'

7) Antonio Simmons – Georgia Tech – DE/LB --- Chess piece that we are lucky to get this late. Ran a 4.5 at his pro day (hand timed, so probably closer to 4.6) and put up 30 reps on the bench at 6'2” 250lbs. Will replace Brooks Reed next year if his development pans out. Homer pick for me, but the dude is nasty & value is there.

7) Foye Oluokun – Yale – LB --- Athletic LB to provide depth and develop.



1) Marcus Martin – Slippery Rock – FB --- All-time career leader in sacks. Kind of player Quinn covets. Tough & versatile. Will make the switch to fullback in the pros, but will be a special teams contributor as well. Showed his hands in the East-West Shrine game catching a touchdown after slipping out of the backfield.  


I welcome all feedback. Positive, negative, straight trolling. Bring it on! I enjoy learning about new folks or perhaps a different perspective of those I like.

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I like the structure of your plan, but there are guys that I don't see as a fit.  

Sheppard has been mentioned a lot, but he is a bit old and will require a lot of coaching.  I would rather draft PJ Hall.  He is a quick guy that is strong and should be able to enter the DT rotation as a rookie.

I am a Tech man and I think that Simmons should be invited to camp but not drafted. 

On the plus side, Oliver and Crosby are strong choices.  Both fit our schemes.  

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I love both Nathan Shepherd and John Franklin-Myers, but both small school guys, but insanely athletic. I think they are both similar type players, both capable of playing the 4/5 tech in base and sliding inside in nickel. Not sure either is stout enough to play NT, but if we came away with either one of them, I'd be extremely happy.

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On 03/04/2018 at 6:36 PM, Summerhill said:

Overall I like your logic and thought process, but I think if you look at draft history the ceiling for athletic small school DT's in in the 3rd round. You have Shepherd a round higher than I would consider him. 

I'm starting to doubt he makes it to our 2nd round pick. I get what you're saying and he's 24, but his hype is through the roof at the moment.

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I had a problem with this in my mock as well.  Looks like to me we are gonna be(if lucky) choosing between BJ Hill and Nathan Sheperd in rd 2, i doubt we get both unless we trade up in the third after taking one in the second.  


As far as your mock, i would like to see rb addressed a little earlier if possible, and maybe corner a little later. I understand the need for a corner but round 1 is just too steep of a price to me.  I do like your thoughts tho.  I wonder if Quessenberry makes it to our third pick? he makes sense here since he can play guard a couple of seasons and then supplant Mack. 

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In a perfect world, this mocks rounds 1-3 would be completely different. I hope Payne falls to 26, but I don't see it happening. I also couldn't justify giving up draft capital to move up ... Doing that consistently kills a teams depth. So the CB in rnd 1 pick is just going BPA.

I think if we are talking this time next year, seeing us pick up a RB in early rounds makes sense. Edmonds fills the void of ward. If and when Coleman leaves, that's when I'd consider a RB early. 

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