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Who would you draft

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20 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Tremaine Edmunds, Orlando Brown, Hayden Hurst or Christian Kirk.

I think he meant Edmunds not Edwards

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18 hours ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

huh? Austin Hooper  is a balanced tight end and absolutely nothing like Gesicki. Maybe you should watch some tape on both.. Gesicki is a 250 pd WR with a 41.5" vertical which is the tenth highest score in combine history. In addition Gesicki has been trained to get the ball at it's highest point playing volleyball, and basketball in college.He has had the highest scores among "tightends" since Vernon Davis. So he's more athletic than all the athletic freaks at TE that came out last year. He has the potential to literally redefine the position. 

Some guy named Austin Hooper can say something when he and his buddies can catch a football in the endzone. If you think Austin Hooper would be upset at an athletic freak that has a 3" higher vertical than Julio Jones joining the team than maybe you should put your head back in the hole you popped it out of. I'm pretty sure Hooper himself is a fan or at least really friggin' impressed. 

Just who the hail would you draft in this scenario? If it's a DT then you have no clue. Also if you could read you would have read that I mentioned D.J. Moore as well. I've had D.J Moore and Gesicki as 2nd round picks all off-season, until we finally signed Fusco, and both receivers' stocks soared to top 20 picks. Their are also 2 D.T.s who stocks have soared that I would draft in the 2nd and 3rd. I also had Fusco as the F.A. we needed to fill the hole left by Chester last season and this season we finally signed him. If I had to guess you were one of those wearing rose colored glasses on the Wes S fanboy train? One of those that were fine with the F.O. trotting his suckyness back out there in 2018? One of those who cried that we didn't trade for Bennett and his inevitable suspension? Please enlighten me as to who the Poker Steve would draft with all first round graded DTs off the board? Actually I don't see the first defensive need with anything close to a late first round grade on the board, so?

Justin Reid is the only one I think is a for sure round one selection, but it's the farthest thing from a position of need. Jaire Alexander would be considered a reach but considering how awful Trufant is in run support I wouldn't complain at all. Actually any defensive selection during the DQ era have been pretty spot on so I wouldn't complain about any of them. I trust the F.O. when it comes to defense.

double dip BJ Hill and PJ Hall. They could both end up being Grady Jarrett type gems.and allow us to pick offense in rnd 1 if noone on their board has a first round grade at DT/DE.

I began my post by saying "Personally I like it." But I know that's pretty complicated so you didn't catch that I was agreeing with you. Feel free to continue ranting and hyperventilating though.

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