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It's Time To Bring Back The "Gritz Blitz" Greatest Defense Ever!

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15 hours ago, NobisFan60 said:

That's why it only lasted a year :( We never seem to have a complete team clicking on all cylinders. Either the Offense sucks or the Defense sucks, or in the early days they both sucked. Then we trade away our best players. I was going through my complete sets of Falcon's cards today and every team had some shortcoming, whether it be injury, legal trouble, trades, coaching changes, always something. 

Not really.  The biggest reason is that the NFL rules changed.

During the 1977 season, it was legal to contact a WR all the way down the field as long as you did not lose contact with them.  Glanville installed a system of mugging the WRs and sending everyone else.

At the end of the season because offenses across the NFL were struggling terribly, the NFL implemented the 5 yard rule.

That ended the Gritz Blitz.

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1 hour ago, Vandy said:

Me too. Folks jumped on smitty for some of his in game coaching decisions....and for good reason...yet give this guy a complete pass.

We've had our share of sit back, play off, bend but don't break coaches. Swamp Fox, Mora, Smitty, Quinn, you name it. Bend but don't break can work but I hate it. Of all those BBDB coaches I'd have to say Quinn brought the least amount of blitz heat. He's gonna have to keep a front four than can bully Olines. He's still missing a couple pieces.

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My first year where I was old enough to watch and semi understand what was going on. It ruined me thought the defense was going to be like that every year. One big rule change the bump and run rule, it really hurt CB's like Roland Lawrence that could really disrupt WR's getting off the line and running their routes. I was at the Rams game too, lol and yes I thought they were going to kill Namath. Granted his knees were shot,but he was used to dropping back taking his time surveying the field, Defense was up his azz from the first snap, just remember seeing him getting drilled on the Braves infield and him walking off the field like screw this. It was great...

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