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Cody Kessler for Backup QB

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6 hours ago, NobisFan60 said:

Cut Schaub free up $4.5 mil plus the 5 mil we have left and get someone decent. Or draft one in the 3rd round. When the Browns give up on you, you know you're crap. 


That guy is mad because no one was open for a flea flicker and Kessler threw the ball out of bounds? There were two wide receivers on the field and the Steelers clearly had them covered. All I learned from this clip is that this guy recording the video is an idiot. If a ball thrown out of bounds is the worst clip available of Cody Kessler then I hope we bring him in even more than I did 2 minutes ago. 

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6 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

He's not worth it though.

Yeah, that I don’t know man. That said, I would rather use a 2019 7th on Kessler than pay 5 mil to schaub. But only if the staff would think he is clearly better than Grayson.

as long as they cut Schaub I am good.

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