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Falcons resigned Garland

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Just now, falconidae said:

Plus, it's guaranteed, if they find players they like more, he can be cut.

we not gonna cut him ... i mean we just see him as a good backup... again ... i think its 900k more then i would have but im not about to cry over 900k man

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1 hour ago, vel said:

I still think it's interesting he's listed as a DE. I guess it's easier to stash him there and cross at OG and let them take a young OL to develop instead of listing Garland as an OL. 

What NFL.com lists him as is completely irrelevant to what the Falcons Coaches and staff list him as.

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And listed as by any site means little to usage game days! ;) I could see Wes being the #3 and Garland being that emergency OG/OC while playing DT in rush situations.

Garland's strengths seem to be going forward. Sort of like Taven Bryan. Not as strong holding a point when the other guy is in a favorable upfield play vs you; like in pass protection as an OL or defending the run as a DT.

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There does seem to be disagreement between websites as to Ben's present weight. I've seen it at 275 and someone said at nfl.com it's 300. Agreed, yes! Ben's strength is going forward especially as a run blocker,...or as you pointed out so well, disrupting the opposing O-line as a defender.

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On 3/17/2018 at 7:53 PM, hjerry said:

I don't trust anything from that site. I'll wait till someone credible says it.

This just came up on rotoworld this morning:

Falcons signed OG Ben Garland to a one-year, $2.914 million contract.

Garland drew a second-round tender as a restricted free agent, meaning it was always unlikely he would sign an offer sheet with another team. Garland should continue as Atlanta's top reserve on the interior.
Mar 19 - 8:46 AM
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