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Dontari Poe vs. Brandon Fusco - who wins? TBD?

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Carolina and Atlanta are seemingly doing the exact opposite this year and oddly the players involved will end up directly facing each other next year in at least 2 games (assuming no injuries).


Carolina - loses Andrew Norwell as their OG but gains Dontari Poe on their defensive line, assumption is that they will now draft an OG high (Nelson? Wynn? Corbett?)

Better defense against the interior run and a player with plenty of experience, but now a glaring hole on the OL that a rookie G will have to develop quickly to fill

This draft has a lot of talented OG's this year and the price tag on Norwell was pretty steep (except perhaps for a high running team like Jacksonville?)


Atlanta - loses Dontari Poe on their defensive line, but gains Brandon Fusco, assumption is that we will now draft a DT high (Vea? Payne? Bryan?)

Better run blocking and hopefully better pass protection plus less rookie mistakes on OL, but a lot of possible risk with a rookie DT facing an increased workload from college

Falcons have had limited success drafted OL in the past but Quinn is known for having developed many DL players in the past


Will Freeman/Coleman have an easier time rushing against Carolina because of Fusco or a harder time because Poe will be there to meet them in the middle?

Will Jarrett and a first round DT have an easier time stopping McCaffrey and Carolina's rushing attack with a rookie OG giving them more space?


Which team did better to use FA to address their position need as opposed to relying on the draft?


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