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Jordy Nelson cut

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On 3/14/2018 at 0:32 PM, TheFatboi said:

He’s not better than sanu. And you have to realize Aaron makes most of his plays outside the pocket. When they play us we keep him inside the pocket and play man to man and all of a sudden Nelson disappears. He wouldn’t work here because Matt is a Rythym qb. Matt is on schedule. He’s 1...2...3...ball out. Aaron is 1...2...3... get outside the pocket cause nobody was open 3...4...do something amazing. Matt’s game isn’t getting outside the pocket to make plays. So you’re looking at a combination of Aaron making plays outside the pocket and the backup forcing balls to Nelson after rodgers went down. How did Nelson, out of force feeding, with all those numbers help the pack last season?? I’ll wait...

Hmmm...How would Julio do if Matt went down and Schaub was throwing the ball for half the games...? Kinda the same question. I see your point tho.

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