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Well I pissed off a Taint radio host (Miko 2.0)

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So if you do not know Bryan Bienemy he reported last night saying he had a source tell him bress was going to sign a 2 year deal of 40 million. Well the guy also was charged with stealing people identities when he was a radio host a couple years ago. there was 20 victimes. So I trolled him saying, "your source is probably from someones idenity you stole. And that is when buddy lost his mind. Next thing I knew I was getting blown up from messages from him saying he was coming to my house, knew my identity and was going to steal it and etc etc. 


This litterally brought back flashbacks when I pissed off Miko Grimes and she flipped out on the message boards at me. (which was over me saying Brent contract and my images of Brent playing out of spot at training camps). How I pissed her off with not saying anything bad, I will continue to be lost on. And I find it hilarious Brent talked to me afterwards on twitter and even invited me to play call of duty with him. (but I don't play.) but I did keep talking to brent for a couple years after he left the falcons and eventually we stopped talking. 


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