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The Free Agent Template form: [player name here] may be released by [team name here]

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Post 1 - "I think he might fit here"

Post 2 - "Bring him home TD!!!"

Post 3 - "No way I'd touch that guy. He's old and injury prone."

Post 4 - "Not to mention there are reports he's disliked by his teammates and a locker room cancer."

Post 5 - "We could likely get him for only a [fill in draft round]"

Post 6 - "Or better yet, we could package [fill in current Falcon] and a [fill in draft pick]"

Post 7 - "It doesn't matter, there's no way we can afford that contract"

Post 8 - "Think what he and [fill in other Falcon players] could do with our [fill in positional unit]!"

Post 9 - "If they're only asking for [fill in draft round], there's obviously something wrong that we don't know about."

Post 10 - "They're letting him go because he doesn't fit the scheme and wants out. He'd be perfect for our [fill in scheme]".

Post 11 - "Forget it. He just signed with [fill in team]."

Post 12 - "Link or it didn't happen."

Post 13 - [fill in link here]

Post 14 - "Darn it, it was nice to think about, I guess. When will we ever get aggressive and go after some playmakers."

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