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Sorry Dieon, but it’s MR2

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7 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:


Yeah, if you get into the whole aspect of anyone who ever put in a Falcon's uniform at all while factoring in their entire career & what they did elsewhere...

There's a ton of names that come into it like Favre, Gonzalez, M. Anderson, E. Dickerson, S. Jackson, C. Bennett, J. Abraham etc.

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3 hours ago, roguebeaver said:

Agree, just voted Best in Falcon history!

Next up at 2, imo Matt Bryant and J Jones tied...could change down the road. 

Im hoping we start an annual trend of new best of all times for the birds.


On offense, I agree, MR2, no doubt about it!  But on defense, Deion is definitely in the running for all-time best, 'cause I can't think of another defensive player who made more of an impact on a team than he did. 
And, if Sanders says the Ga. Dome is the house he built (but no longer exists), then the new MB Stadium is definitely the house that Matt Ryan built! 


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3 minutes ago, NobisFan60 said:

Not in the top 100, but @ #10 is Deion Sanders. 

And he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t sell out for SF and DAL. Players disappear in ATL. Andrews, Nobis, Kenn, Ryan, Van Note, Humphries, Tuggle, Abraham all HOF worthy careers. 

Dieon, Jones, Vick are really only players to ever get noticed as Falcons.

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2 minutes ago, caponine said:

he was a choker before 2016. He would always choke . Did it in 08, 10, 11 and 12 . 

That's what separates him from the rest, under pressure he chokes. Tom Brady and Cool Joe Montana on the other hand. And who's to say for certain Ryan ends his career here?

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