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The Falcons were top ten in total pressures generated by front seven in 2017


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On 3/10/2018 at 0:42 PM, theProf said:

I think Choate should have mentioned Brooks Reed also, at least as another "solid" defensive lineman, who will be returning under a restructured contract.

Upshaw would be good to bring back. I thought he developed into his role as time went on. He also brings a certain attitude that we need on that D

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20 hours ago, MAD597 said:

And now we have pretty much dismantled our DL, great move

How? Poe is the only guy really worth mentioning.

If Clay leaves, his snaps will be replaced by Takk, who will or at least should get significantly more snaps. 

Also Vic should see more time back at DE. We still have Grady and Reed. We lost depth, but replacement level depth. Upshaw, Shelby, and Clay can all be replaced.

It's not even a lock those guys are completely gone. I could easily see Upshaw and Clay back.

Other than that, we only need to really replace Poe, which as people are starting to see can be replaced with a guy like Da'quan Jones.

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