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Can Astrology predict future NFL stars?

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French psychologist Michel Gauquelin set out to disprove astrological theory, but his research showed some interesting results. Between 1956 and 1961, Gauquelin and his wife analysed more than 25,000 dates and times of births of prominent people from registers in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Holland. They discovered the "Mars Effect". Famous athletes were born during the time that the planet Mars was in a prominent relation with certain points in the sky and other planets. The findings were repeated by researchers in the USA and Great Britain.

So...let's test this Mars Effect to see if it's true! (Or at least my variation of it!)

What I did was, I researched the birth dates of over 190 NFL Hall of Famers.

In my study, I found 3 repeated planetary relationships that appeared most commonly among this group. Some players had all 3 relationships and some only had 1 or 2. Some admittedly, had none!

I then dug up birth info on all the College players I could find that were coming out this year. I looked at the Senior Bowl roster, East West Shrine Bowl roster, and various websites that ranked the top college players in this years draft. Unfortunately, I could not find birth info for a fair amount of players.

So, here is my list of players that are have at least one of the 3 aspects that NFL Hall of Fame players have:

(NOTE: I'M NOT SAYING ALL THESE PLAYERS WILL BE NFL HALL OF FAMERS. If there really is something to this, these players are more likely to be future Hall of Famers than others)


QB- Baker Mayfield

QB- Mason Rudolph

QB- Josh Allen

QB- Sam Darnold

QB- Brandon Silvers

QB- Nic Shimonek

QB- Josh Rosen

QB- Tanner Lee

RB- Akrum Wadley

RB- John Kelley

RB- Ryan Nall

FB- Nick Bawden

WR- Marcel Ateman

WR- Deontay Burnett

WR- Hunter Renfrow

WR- Michael Gallup

WR- Braxton Berrios

WR- Trey Quinn

TE- Mike Gisecki

TE- Adam Brenneman

C- James Daniels

G- Will Hernandez

G- Sean Welsh

G- Taylor Hearn

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DE- Maquis Haynes

DE- Andrew Brown

DE- Kylie Fitts

DT- DaRon Payne

DL- DaShawn Hand

LB- Kendall Joseph

LB- Roquan Smith

LB- Jawhuan Bentley

CB- Heath Harding

S- Siran Neal

S- Derwin James

S- Jesse Bates

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2 hours ago, Smiler11 said:

It seems to be very inclusive...

Hmmm. Why do you say that? Lots of top rated players are not on here. In fairness to your point. I don't have the birth data for a lot of players. Here's a list of players that did NOT make the list:


Lamar Jackson

Saquan Barkley

Derrius Guice

Courtland Sutton

James Washington

Anthony Miller

Deon Cain

Christian Kirk

Maurice Hurst

Vita Vea

Christian Wilkins

Arden Key

Marcus Davenport

Quinn Blanding

Armani Watts

Marcus Allen

Kameron Kelly

Wyatt Teller

and over 30 more I'm not going to list.

Not saying some of these guys may not be really good but for comparison.

I think the interesting thing is to look at the unheralded players (like Kendall Joseph, Trey Quinn or Hunter Renfrow) and see if these guys make it in the NFL and do really good.

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1 hour ago, Spliff said:

Do you have info from say the 2011 class to see if this holds up with NFL players?

I kind of just formulated this recently, so no. I did look at some Falcons players and Deion Jones fits the criteria, as does Austin Hooper, since they have the same birthday. Julio Jones does. I know Tom Brady does. Tom Brady has all 3 of the planetary aspects. Matt Ryan does not have any. So, for whatever that's worth. It's not going to be perfect.

If you would like me to look at anyone, just give me their birthdate.

I'm really curious to see how the guys this year pan out.

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