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Browns are Moving and Shakin’


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4 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Which is 2018. Falcons play at Cleveland this year, Heaven forbid Tyrod Taylor starts that game and the Falcons lose. We'll never hear the end of it from DrunknMexico.

I could see the Falcons escaping the Browns in Cleveland by a score of 23-17 or 20-16 just like we did against the Bears in Chicago. I don't expect us to blow out the Browns at all given the fact that they've been a tricky team for us to beat in the series. The Falcons have to go at least 3-1 against the AFC North with our only loss being the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Given our horrible history against AFC teams at home since 2013 combined with our horrible history against the Browns and the fact we've never won in Pitt, we could easily go 0-4 against the AFC North next season just like we did back in 2014. I believe we go 3-1 just like we did in 2010 though. 

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1 minute ago, Falconsfan567 said:

I just don't see it with Kizer. Didn't see it with him at Notre Dame and didn't see it with him last year. Still can't believe they lost that game to the Packers.

You don't have to see it man, its just still a smart move. They have a chance to splash twice and not have to draft a QB in the first. If they still do, then they will have trade chips with Kizer if they can get someone to bite. Like NE.

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2 minutes ago, RoddyWhite84 said:

Thats insane lmao when does that ever happen..the Browns have no choice but to be good at some point.but yeah they are busy already..I don't think I've seen this many trades to start free agency ever 

They have around 110 M in cap space. But what are they gonna do with the picks? They got boat load from Julio picks, they had more from trading down in 2012. None of the moves made any difference. 

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