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Antonio Callaway

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Callaway is my favorite WR in the class. Reminds me so much of prime Percy Harvin, although I think Callaway has the potential to be even better. Day 1 difference maker out of the slot, and on special teams as a kick and punt returner. We need a player like him on our team badly. 

I know he has some character concerns (credit card fraud and possession of marijuana) but man this is the guy you take a chance on if hes available with our 3rd round pick - **** I'd take him with our 2nd. Character concerns aside he's a top 10 player in this class. 


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Agreed... he is more Joey Halloway... not quite the top end, but built more like a RB with a little better nose for finding holes in a broken Field. He is an elite returner which is a huge bonus for  a WR3 or WR4 and if it’s him against the safety in the open field... Bye Bye!!!

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