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Quinn has came out and said we wants to run more power run plays next season. Meaning they are looking for a instant impact at G. Free agent saying? But who?

Zach Fulton,Pugh,Mewhort, and Kline are the most realistic signings as far as our cap situation. The OL position is deep this year at G. Do we draft bigger players at the position? Do we sign a bigger G in FA,cut Levitre and fill his spot with a balanced G in draft like Wynn or Price,who will fall due to the injury.


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14 minutes ago, Vandy said:

Depending on how much he wants, Justin Pugh makes the most sense to me. 

Sign Pugh and restructure Levitre, and draft a C/G like Frank Ragnow in Round 3. 


Fulton as a FA and Ragnow in the 3rd or 4th would solidfy the OL

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1 minute ago, Slappywhite said:

Brian O'Neil is looking like a stud at the combine , he's definantly worth a look . 

He would be a nice swing tackle and potential replacement for Schraeder. We just needs 10lbs of muscle.

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