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2018 NFL Combine Tracker Thread

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I hate Walter Football for just about anything that requires him to have an opinion, but I do like their setup for Combine stats. 

The measurements for OL and RB are now in.


I'll also post anything Falcons related that I see on Tony Pauline's Draft Analyst Combine posts each day. He's pretty good about the rumor stuff. Draft Diamonds twitter page will sometimes have a few neat tidbits as well.

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Best bench for a RB was a tie between Nick Chubb and Saquon Barkely with 29 each

I'll be interested to see how each do in the 40

Worst was a three way tie between Nick Bawden (San Diego St), Nyheim Hynes (NC St), and Ronald Jones (USC)

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Sad news for Maurice Hurst who was discovered to have a heart condition. Hope is found not to be serious.


One of the biggest disappointments of the entire week didn’t happen on the field. Arguably the top interior defensive lineman in this year’s class, Hurst was found to have a heart condition and was sent home from the combine without the chance to work out.


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