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The Contradictions of Being Politically Correct

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      It's amazing how the people out here calling for stricter gun laws are the same people out here protesting police brutality. Do you know what happens when citizens get their guns taken away? Only the police would be armed. But these people are so blinded by political correctness that they can't even see what is going on right before their eyes.

     So here's some facts about that shooting.  The FBI is run by Democrats. With it's blind hatred of Trump, the Democrats and the FBI chose to chase a bunch of Russians instead of acting on valid tips that this guy is a potential school shooter (I choose not to publicize his name, he doesn't deserve the recognition).  It's widely reported that the police had been called to the home of the shooter 39 times.  I'm sure you all do your research when you see a social media post, so feel free to look up those facts.

     Now in my opinion, I think everyone involved knew what the potential outcome of not acting on these tips could be.  Democrats have been pushing stricter gun laws for as far as I can remember, and what better way to prove that point than to let more American citizens die by the hand of a mentally unstable person that the FBI knew had access to a gun.  But Trump is evil and must be stopped, so let's chase these Ruskies instead...

     And look at that, now everyone is taking to social media screaming for tougher gun laws. Nobody realizes these politicians are just using the lives of the American citizens to push their agendas.  The people are being brainwashed by mass media and politicians and the government takes advantage of these situations, from Michael Brown to the last school shooting, to divide the people.  It’s all used to create division, and it’s working.  Probably better than they could have hoped for.  Unfortunately the masses just eat whatever they are fed.  Divide and conquer.   We are slowly getting our rights stripped away by the government, and the worst part of it is, the American citizens are agreeing with the politicians that we need these rights taken away


     I really hope the people wake up and see what is really going on, but unfortunately, I just don't see it happening.



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I think the biggest issue is that we as a society tend to look at the superficial and fail to get to the root of the problem.  Our mental health system is a sham, the hundreds of laws on the books tend to be uninforceable as there are so many.  We appeal to peoples emotions instead of their minds.  

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