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First Falcons Game You Watched

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Unfortunately, during my childhood Los Angeles did not have a football team. It wasn't until I started playing madden that I really started following the sport. I loved to pick the Falcons because Vick was a beast and naturally I started track his stats on Sundays as well.

I am always haunted by the "first" Falcons game that I ever watched... The Katrina Bowl. This was a nightmare for any Falcons fan and of course the piece of s*** Aints made a statue to commemorate this day.


However.... I was recently watching old videos where we were at my late grandfathers house. I must've been only a few weeks old and as I'm watching, I hear Sunday night football commentary in the background. My true first game folks was Falcons vs Aints 11-24-91, where we beat them in over time. We also beat them in the playoffs that year in their house/swamp.

Not only was I thrilled that the Katrina Bowl wasn't my true first game, but also I was pumped that my destiny of becoming a Falcons fan was officially validated.

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1974, Falcons @ Giants. Majority of my family is from the NY area so naturally they are Giants fans....but not me! My immediate family and myself had been living in GA due to my father being military. We were in NY visiting and I as a youngster was already a Falcons fan. We attended the game and the Falcons won 14-7. That game made my fandom even stronger! 

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The first one I saw in person was at the Georgia Dome on December 3rd 2000.

Doug Johnson was starting.

The Seahawks had the ball first and marched down the field and scored.  Then the Falcons took the field and Doug Johnson promptly threw a pick 6... literally the 2nd play of the Falcons possession.

This happened within the first 5 minutes of the game.  A couple of guys got to the game late and were sitting behind me and I remember them saying 'It's already 14 nothing?!'

All these guys that b@tch about Ryan have NO IDEA what they're talking about.

The worst game I've ever seen when it came to QB play was Alex Smith vs Joey Harrington in 2007.  Neither one of these guys could hit the broad side of a barn.  49er WRs were routinely getting behind the defense but Smith couldn't hit them to save his life.  Joey was Harrington...

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My first two Falcons games were great, both of them in 1973. 

The first was on TV in September, as the Falcons bitchh-slapped the Saints 62-7 in old Tulane Stadium.

Then, the following month, a friend in my 4th grade class invited me to go with him and his father

to Atlanta Stadium to watch the Birds trash the Chicago Bears and D.ick Butkus, 46-6.   That was a special day because our TV was a little black-and-white 13", and I had never seen a sporting event in color until I walked into the stadium.  It was beautiful.  The grass was GREEN, the goalposts BRIGHT YELLOW.   The sound of the crowd was mind-blowing.   I can still smell the cigars and popcorn. 


So, the first two games I ever watched went the Falcons' way 108-13. 

I knew so little about football that I just assumed 'This must be the greatest football team in the history of the world!!!'   lol 

It didn't take long after that to realize they weren't. 

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2002 was the year I became a Bulldogs and Falcons fan, and that was the perfect time. Georgia going 13-1 in 2002 with their first SEC title in 20 years and a Sugar Bowl win, which included a lot of big wins throughout the season such as beating Clemson in the opener, South Carolina in Columbia, Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and Auburn on the Plains to clinch their first ever SEC East title. This was the YEAR for Michael Vick when he first came on the scene. The Falcons had a good year going 9-6-1 and upsetting the Packers in the wildcard on the road in Lambeau Field, which included sweeping the Saints, Panthers, that thrilling OT win in Minnesota, and tying the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I was in elementary school at the time on a flag football team and I remember one of my PE coaches was a die hard Eagles fan, and I took a photo with her and others with my 7 Vick jersey on. I think it was like favorite team day or something and in the photo everybody had red & black Falcons and Bulldogs jerseys on except for her lol. When I was in elementary school with her the Eagles went 3-1 against us including the playoffs *cough* *cough*. Those were good times. I believe 2003 is when I went to my first Georgia home game and 2004 is when I went to my first Falcons home game. 

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Would've been one of the games in the 1998 dirty bird season. This was during the days when games were still blacked out if you didn't achieve a sellout, so I probably listened to a game or two before actually seeing one. Hence I can't recall which was the first I actually watched. The first one I have a mental image of was our second game against the 49ers that year. I remember a 49ers player mocking the dirty bird then doing a throat slit gesture as they attempted to mount a comeback, but the Falcons won. I could tell by my dad's angst throughout the game that wins against the 49ers weren't too common...

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1975,...we had moved up to GA and all we saw in Florida were the Steelers, Dolphins and Raiders and teams in the Northeast, zero Falcons games. So living in GA then I watched the Falcons that year(when the home games were blocked out). The Crows went 4-10 that year sweeping the Niners and beating the aints and Broncos. Lost a game in Oakland in OT they should've won. But since we're here, here's why I became a Falcons fan and it's a little superficial but what the crap. I adored their uniforms from the start. And I watched a young guy play QB as a rookie. It's funny,...the Falcons drafted the finest passer in the NCAA but could not protect him. Took 4 years to build an O-line to protect him. There's a message there.

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