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Bad Losses

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24 minutes ago, fuego said:

I just mean he's right about the fails and how everything is looking good and when you least expect it, here comes the fail again. And like I said, I just don't think the comparison to the Pats is valid because of the 5 SBs. But other than that, I root for the Falcons all the way, I don't expect them to lose (which makes it much harder when they do). I'm just keeping it real about how they are. It can be very frustrating. 

I wasn't comparing the Falcons to the Patriots. I was using the Patriots as an example that even the greatest NFL dynasty we've ever seen suffers from "embarrassing" losses from time to time and if it happens to them then it shouldn't be any suprise that it would happen to the Falcons. Thus the overreaction is unjustified.

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