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Not technically about the Falcons but everyone needs to see this.

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I don’t know much about this whole situation but apparently the state choir finals are going on in Kentucky and some kids broke out in the national anthem in a hotel lobby. I’m usually not one to get super emotional or caught up in stuff but this had me teary eyed and I want to share this with everyone I can possibly show it to. I’d have given anything to be there. Enjoy.


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11 minutes ago, Dirtybird3 said:


Does any of that diminish the showing of unity? Kinda getting away from the reason homie posted this.. 

He said he doesn’t know what’s going on, I replied what is typed in the description of the video stating what’s going on. He posted as if he thinks it’s recent. I replied it’s a year old. I think that covers it. No one has said anything out of the way so why are you making it more than it is

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9 minutes ago, coastiemike said:

Since people seemed to be bothered by the video being a year old and missing the point the OP was making here is the video from this year.  Enjoy.


Yeah I read about it and it said it’s a tradition they do every year during the choir finals I guess. But thank you! This ones even better. If I had any business to go to Kentucky I’d go to that hotel just to see this!

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56 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

LOL only you guys are the ones taking posts the wrong way. But hey, that’s tatf for ya. 

Some people will get all up into arms if you say anything about the national anthem. Even if you're not actually saying anything about the national anthem.

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