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Jimmy G Contract Breakdown

PK Manley

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I saw this posted on Reddit, and the details of his mega-deal are pretty interesting...




Basically, the 49ers can get out of his contract after two years with little dead money if it doesn't work out.  It would basically be a 2 year $61 million deal if they choose to get out of it at that point.  The 49ers are sitting on a boatload of cap space, so they could easily take the two year cap hit and move on if they need to.

However, if he does work out, they can keep him for up to three more years at about a $27 million cap hit.  Really good structure.  It's front-loaded while they have cap space, gives them an out after two years, and basically a team option for the next 3 years at what will be below market rate for a QB by then.

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