The Trump Presidency (take 2)

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17 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

I looked them up. I’m not really a fan of the music so much as I endorse the plot of this video. 


They used to be all lo-fi because it was just the one guy making his own music, but now it's a group and they've moved away from that sound over time. They're still too heavy and his voice is still wrong for a mainstream audiences but John Darnielle's talent is writing as a person.

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2 hours ago, mdrake34 said:

The only way this even remotely makes sense for the GOP is if they are 110% confident they keep the Senate in November. Even then, Ford can press charges at the state level, and I saw that either the DA or Sheriff of the county where it allegedly occurred said he would investigate if she filed charges. 

Completely disagree. They are doing this because they are not confident they will keep the senate. Just like holding Scalia's seat open. They are making a calculated move. Even if you believe Ford, it will be difficult to say you do so beyond a reasonable doubt. And there will always be a min of 34 Republicans willing to hold the line to prevent him from being impeached. 

If they knew they would keep the senate, they could just start over with Hardiman or Barrlett. They would have 2+ years to confirm them.  It is not like they give a crap who the actual justice is. 

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