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Hold off on Ryan’s extension

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9 minutes ago, FalconJim said:

Yes, coaching, but, better players, too!!!  If MR2 had Philly's O-line, and play calling, he could have done the same thing as Foles.  Plus, their "D" made the critical plays when needed the most!!!

Foles had some good passes tonight, he put several balls right on the money in tough covered.. I don't see Ryan being anymore accurate than Foles has been in the playoffs.. Ryan just takes more sacks 

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1 hour ago, ssj5gal said:

Like I said it’s all about coaching why extend Ryan make him take a cut and fire Sark 

Why extend Ryan, maybe because we don't have a back-up that is the caliber of Nick Foles, or because we do not have coaches that know how to extract the most out of the players they have. Quinn is not a genius, and firing Sarkisian doesn't mean you will find a better OC. You **** with Matt Ryan and his agent, and he'll go to a team like the Steelers the Giants or any other established organization, get the money he knows he can get, and probably a championship too. Whether you like it or not, Ryan is one of the best QBs in the league, and he'd have many suitors if he ever becomes available. Who would the Falcons get if Ryan left? Look at the history of the Falcons organization and tell me who the best Qb is. Answer: It's Ryan by a huge ******* margin.

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1 hour ago, Rise said:

I know it hurts, but the chances of The Falcons improving the o-line, WRs and TE before next years Super Bowl are very unlikely. 

Yeah I mean if only there was a way to sign new players who have played in the NFL.....or if there was only a way to get some rookies  that just finished up in college....... If only there were mechanisms in place for those things to happen

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I do think we need to simplify our scheme.  The read-pass option stuff is amazing when you have solid players at the other positions.  Our SB window is closing and I prefer a scheme that is not as reliant on Ryan and Julio to just "make a play" as we currently are.  Both teams in the SB were up and down the field all game -- don't think we would've hung with either of them tonight.


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11 hours ago, Jesus said:

Like you said it was the aggressive play calling. Freeman runs loses a yard. So what? Run him two more times, or Kneel. It doesn't matter. Kick the field goal. That is exactly what the Eagles did tonight in the exact same situation.

Be aggressive when it calls for it. Don't when it doesn't.

Quinn / Ryan are both weak in MATH. One of them have openly admitted.

And, when you are not able to control T.O.P or able to take high PROBABILITY  play calls or throws - most likely you will lose in big games.

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12 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

I knew this was coming. NFL is a me too league. Especially on social media.

Yall mofos never seen Turk Shonert, Billy Joe, Grazi or Douggie Fresh QB a Falcon team.

Careful what you pray for.

I don’t agree with you all that often but sometimes having seen the worst of this team brings perspective. 


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15 hours ago, ssj5gal said:

28 - 3 and losing is all about coaching son. Roll outs with the game on the line is all about coaching. Getting rocked by the pats after the super bowl choke is all about coaching. You should be crying not laughing 

Not running more than four times with that lead is why we blew it. Yes, coaching... but to say hold off on Ryan? Ryan balled out in the SB and the playoffs. If the coaches are the problem, then Ryan’s play is the whole reason you were in the SB.

good coaches make backups good..

good QBs make bad coaches good. 

So if you are saying coach is our problem, why hold off on Ryan? Don’t you want a Good QB and a good coach? Instead of flopping it and having a good coach and back up QB? 

I guess the Eagles should trade Wentz

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15 hours ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Nick Foles once posted one of the greatest single seasons a quarteback has ever had. 

He ain’t a typical backup.

IDK....I think he kinda is. That season was an awful lot of smoke and mirrors and the entirety of his career is very underwhelming. I appreciate that his work with the coaching staff currently in place produced some pretty impressive results but thats an awful lot of situational input. 

This last 6 weeks certainly looks great for Pederson and the rest of the offensive staff. But it should give us all pause about how we talk about Foles/Wentz moving forward. Not outright skepticism re: Wentz but a more discerning eye, IMO. 

As for Foles, I'd guess he's gonna get traded somewhere and be mediocre. 

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