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What is your all time Favorite Falcons game?

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All of my favorite games are games I’ve attended:

2004 playoffs against the Rams was awesome. First playoff game I ever attended in the Dome and I was not let down. It was electric.

The 2014 Thursday night beat down of the Bucs was one of the most fun games I’ve ever been too. It was just plain fun. No nail-biting.

2016 playoffs were awesome too, but my favorite game will always be the 2012 playoff win against the Seahawks. I’ll never forget that feeling in the dome when we won. It hit me differently then the NFC championship last year. I don’t think i was ready to absorb the NFC championship win, it didn’t sink in until later. I just stood there looking at the field like an idiot. Amazed. Awestruck.

It’s unfortunate but I don’t think the Benz will ever rock like the Dome did for those games.

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12 hours ago, octoslash said:

It's not my favorite, but I remember the first Monday Night Football game ever in Atlanta, November 1973.

9-0 Minnesota came to town; 'experts' just knew Atlanta was going to get smoked. 

But the Falcons whipped 'em.  The 20-14 final was misleading, as the game was never in doubt.

Eddie Ray, General Bob Lee, Nick Mick-Mayer.  Turn out the lights, the party's over.

This is the first Falcons game I remember. I was watching with a friend who was an obnoxious Vikings fan. Loved the Falcons ever since. 

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9 hours ago, federicofalcon2 said:

2008 vs Chicago Bears.

It was the first real game I remember watching where you could see how well Matt Ryan was going to be.  That game was essentially OVER with 11 seconds left.  The play Ryan made to Jenkins on the sideline with the DT in his face, holding onto the ball until the last possible second, and with 1 second on the clock he connected with him to get out of bounds while taking a vicious hit, setting up Jason Elam with the game winning FG.  I was going nuts in my living room because honestly when Orton threw that TD pass, I had lost faith the we had won the game, but Matt showed me different. He showed me the reason why I love watching them play because something amazing just might happen, and 10 years later im still a fan.  It just so happen that I became I fan in 2008 because my favorite player Drew Bledsoe had retired the year before and I was no way in heck going to cheer for the Cheatriots.  I loved the colors of ATL and no one else I knew liked them.  I live in CA where SF, OAK, and DAL are the main sports fan bases here.  I despise all of them. LOL Becoming a Falcons fan has been the most fun I've had watching football.  I even remember how we were predicted to only win ONE game that season, and before it started I had already set in my mind that was the expectation for the season and to just watch and have fun doing it.  The surprise of playoffs was more than I could have ever expected, and all these years later, I'm proud to have been witness to all the exciting and amazing memories ATL has made (good and bad) and look forward to many more in my lifetime!

This is so cool. Awesome to have a fan outside Atlanta. And one who stuck with us

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2012-13 Divisional Round vs. the Seahawks. Year 5 for Mike Smith. Year 5 for Matt Ryan. 13-3 sweeping EVERYBODY outside of the NFC South. That team picked off both Manning brothers in the same season and was the only team to win in Philly in the past 25+ years. The epic trio of Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, and Julio Jones.#1 seed in the NFC and 1st round bye. Matt Ryan had never won a playoff game. We had not won a playoff game since 2004 coming into that game. So the max pressure was on. We jumped out to a 20-0 lead, and then after leading 27-7, the Seahawks had an epic 4th quarter comeback on us and they led us 28-27 on our home turf with under 30 seconds left. It looked like there was no hope for the Falcons and our franchise. Everybody was nervous. Everybody was heartbroken. It looked like the end of the world. But Matt Ryan to Tony Gonzalez a few times pulled us through in field goal range, and thankfully we had 1 timeout left. Money Matt Bryant kicks the game winning field goal and we escape in a thriller 30-28. That was the turning point in our franchise. Despite losing to the 49ers in the NFC title game and all the coaching changes that happened between 2013-2015, we got back to where we left off in 2016 and had an epic NFC championship game against the Packers, which was our final game in the Georgia Dome ever. It was a thrilling moment and we closed it on a high note. 44-21. We became the 1st team in NFL history to close out a stadium with a conference championship win. But even before then, we had to beat the Packers in the regular season game after we were on a 2 game losing streak from the Seahawks and Chargers. We were down 32-26 and Matt Ryan and Mohammad Sanu came back with this epic game winning drive that took the life out of me. I was so **** nervous, but we pulled through and beat Aaron Rodgers in a thriller 33-32, which snapped our 4 game losing streak to the Packers and made us 5-3 through the 1st half of the season. That was the most thrilling, epic regular season victory to witness as a Falcons fan it was EXTREMELY important for tie breaking scenarios by the end of the year. It carried us momentum onto our Thursday Night Game in Tampa and it did. 

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22 hours ago, The Vent King said:

1) Beating the Stanks in their house ‘91 playoffs

2) Beating the packers, er excuse me, beatiing the cr@p outta the packers NFC title game last season

3) ‘98 win over the Vikes to put us in our first SB  

4) “Big Ben” game over the 49ers Bartkowski to Billy “White shoes” Johnson with no time on clock...’82 know I’m showing my age but I was a child when this happened at least lol


I was at that one.  It was a late game, rainy and cold as I recall.  White Shoes caught that pass right under our club level seats. 

Thank god there was no replay back then, because he was stopped a full yard short, with his knees on the ground.  He just fell forward into the end zone and the ref, after about 3 seconds, signaled 'Touchdown' and the place exploded. 


edit: I just watched that play again and it was actually his arm that was down way before he reached the end zone.  lol There is no way in **** that should've been ruled a score. 


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On 1/30/2018 at 7:41 AM, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Mine was by far the victory over The Packers in the NFC title game. Last game at the dome big win over Rodgers. That was better than 1998 NFCCG IMO better than 34-0 over Giants, better than being the 1 in the Panthers 15-1. Better than all the other great Falcons wins.

This for me.

Close out a 25 year old Dome and punch a ticket to a Bowl? What was better? Nothin.

Lucky enough to see that one with my own eyes.

1998 NFFCG is runner up.

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

This for me.

Close out a 25 year old Dome and punch a ticket to a Bowl? What was better? Nothin.

Lucky enough to see that one with my own eyes.

1998 NFFCG is runner up.

And I think best win ever will be coming soon. I think we will win a Super Bowl within the next 5 years.  No doubt.


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My top 25 in no particular order:


1990 - NO - Eleven Hats On The Ball. Bomb from Miller to Rison on 4th and 2

1998 - SF - Jam dives into end zone to seal divisional round playoff win when 

2004 - CAR - Vick levitates on the Panties. Electric crowd

2017 - @LA - The keep hope alive wildcard win in LA

2005 - PHI - Starts with ejections after pre-game melee against the Eaglets. Intense crowd

2002 - @PIT - Vick puts team on his back and brings them back to a tie

1978 - PHI - Bart gets hot late to win first ever playoff game in wildcard Mud Bowl

1980 - @STL - comeback win in OT in the midst of a 9-0 run

2002 - @MIN - Vick sends shoes to Hall of Fame with game winning OT run

2004 - STL - DVD runs wild on the Rams in divisional round playoff win

1991 - @NO - Haynes goes home and goes long in OT wildcard win over Aints

1983 - SF - Bart goes yard to White Shoes

2002 - @GB - we hand GB their first playoff loss at Lambeau with wildcard win

2010 - BAL - Thursday night prime time thriller

1991 - GB - Miller comes off his death bed to bring us back to victory

1986 @DAL - Dave Archer leads us to 37-35 victory 

2008 - CHI - Ryan hits the Jenk Man and Elam seals the deal

1998 - @NE - the day the Dirty Bird was born

1990 - HOU - Back in black to murder Glanville's old Oiler squad

2012 - SEA - Ice Bryant ices divisional round playoff win

1995 - SF - Hebert to Mathis XMAS Eve miracle to get to the playoffs

2016 - GB - NFCCG win to close out Dome and punch ticket to second Bowl

2016 - SEA - Divisional round playoff beatdown of epic proportion

1998 - @MIN - Mort kicks us into our first Bowl

1970 - PIT - Harmon Wages rolls the Steelers. The day I became a Falcon fan

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