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us politics and elections thread

achilles return

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42 minutes ago, HMFIC said:

That applies more to you. I am going to relish the mid term results.

Except it doesn't. We're talking cold hard facts here. The overwhelming majority of polls show Democrats with the advantage. We aren't even discussing the mid term results, we're talking about the easily disproven statement you made about the polls. Could it change? Sure. Could their be polling errors? Sure


Do most polls show it as a statistical tie like you claimed? Absolutely not.

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22 hours ago, HMFIC said:

you obviously have not read the polls lately, it's pretty much a statistical tie, with the Repubs gaining momentum every day.


Me, an intellectual:


Actually historically speaking during this time of year, the party in power usually makes a comeback in the generic ballot but is then quickly lost. 

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