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us politics and elections thread

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Here's the magic: Since Trump doesn't give a **** about inequality or declining real wages it doesn't matter.

It's literally a chain email that boomers forward to each other.    https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/canadian-health-care/

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19 hours ago, GEORGIAfan said:

Kristen Gillibrand was the first senator to openly support gay marriage.  If you are going to attack her as being anti-gay marriage, then Bernie/Warren/ rest of the progressive wing in the Senate gets that label as well. 

Her and Booker claim they don't want PAC money after taking PAC money to get elected.  Hypocrite hopefuls...:lol:


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6 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

I'm going to take a broad interpretation of 'elections' for this thread.

Looks like the SPD is collapsing, having bled 5% since the elections, which has benefited the AfD, the Left, and the Greens.

good read


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              Dem wins easily in a pro-Trump district in Kentucky

02/21/18 08:40 AM   By Steve Benen

The circumstances surrounding Kentucky’s state House special election yesterday were rather tragic. Former Rep. Dan Johnson (R), facing allegations he molested a teenaged girl, committed suicide in December.

Republicans were nevertheless optimistic about keeping the seat “red.” After all, this is a district Mitt Romney carried by 33 points in 2012, and which Donald Trump won by 49 points in 2016. The result was practically a foregone conclusion.

At least it was right up until the Democratic candidate won last night.

The Democratic Party’s run of good news in state legislative races continued Tuesday night, with a former legislator beaten in the 2016 Republican wave reclaiming a seat held briefly by a pastor who committed suicide after being accused of molesting a teenage girl.

Linda Belcher, a Democrat first elected in 2008, won the special election for Kentucky’s 49th District with 68.45 percent of the vote.

And then there’s the larger trend to consider. Democratic candidates have now flipped 37 districts from “red” to “blue” since Donald Trump took office. What’s more, as Vox explained, “According to an extremely useful comprehensive spreadsheet compiled by Daily Kos, across 70 special elections in 2017, Democrats ran 10 points ahead of Clinton and 7 points ahead of Obama’s 2012 results. Those numbers have accelerated into 2018. Across 14 races, Democrats are running 28 points ahead of Clinton and 14 points ahead of Barack Obama.”  And then, of course, there was a certain U.S. Senate special election in Alabama, which didn’t exactly go Republicans’ way.

Add this to the 37 state legislative seats in the Trump era that Democrats have flipped from red to blue, and the emerging picture is one that should leave GOP officials feeling pretty anxious.

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