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Here's the magic: Since Trump doesn't give a **** about inequality or declining real wages it doesn't matter.

It's literally a chain email that boomers forward to each other.    https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/canadian-health-care/

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1 hour ago, achilles return said:

wfw if you're not going to contribute to the threat by either sharing news or engaging in good faith discussion, i'd politely ask you not to bother posting.

When have you done anything politely regarding me?  My posts are pertinent to combat peak Liberalism,  reductio ad absurdum. 

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Conservative-Leaning States Drop From 44 to 39


Gallup measures political ideology by asking respondents whether their political views are very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal. Nationally, in 2017, a combined 35% of adults identified themselves as conservative and 26% as liberal, resulting in a nine-percentage-point conservative advantage. This is down from 11 points in 2016, 15 points in 2008 and 19 points in 1992, Gallup's baseline year for this measure.



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The Senate agreement would increase defense spending by $80 billion in 2018 and $85 billion in 2019, according to a Senate GOP aide, something McConnell hailed as an achievement

it's still unfathomable to me what we'll accept and what we won't accept as 'things worth spending billions of dollars on' as a society. 

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30 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

I had to double take when I read 'years' instead of weeks or months.

Still, looks like Chuck didn't put anyone's feet to the fire regarding DACA.

The side deal was supposedly to keep it separate  and allow for an open debate on the Senate floor asap. We'll see if Mitch keeps his word or Democrats just screwed up again.

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