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Jags vs Pats Game Thread


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9 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

So... You see it as nothing related to what the topic is, got it! 

Dude, the pats have been fined and penalized draft picks more than anybody...........lol..Now all of a sudden the refs are helping them? I dont buy it...Jacksonville did nothing on offense after Belichek adjusted.. Yes, there was some bad calls(like in **** near every game this yr), but They took advantage of the calls with TD's when it counted like they always do.....Plain and simple..

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7 hours ago, ricko1112 said:

Ahhhh, nasty language! The endgame for those that have nothing else to say...

Crying about it doesn't make it true. You Flat Earth Society folks really are a peculiar bunch. You believe things that aren't their like Bigfoot, Nessie, faked moon landings, etc, but refuse to believe scientifically proven facts.






The earth is round. go back to the planet you came from and never come back. You are one of those people that can't argue facts and put words in peoples mouths. I have an Electrical Engineering Degree by the way so YOU LOSE! :coupons:

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On 1/21/2018 at 6:46 PM, Internetallstar said:

Are you saying that the Patriots haven't received favorable calls over the last decade and a half?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it doesn't smell right that they're almost always on the right side of penalties does it?

Tuck Rule - ok, i understand that.  New England still had to earn their way to the super bowl that year.  Most people forget that, especially Oakland fans.  

Fast forward to SB 42 when they almost went 19-0.  Plenty of holding on the Giants on that helmet catch play, nothing called.  That wasn't exactly favorable for the patriots.  Lets discuss the ridiculous OPI calls on Gronk all year long, most of which were utter BS.  Or we can talk about that Carolina game in 2013 that ended in a Patriots loss, flag on the ground when the game hit 0:00, and then the refs just picked it up and ended the game after Gronk was severely held.  Some questionable holding calls at the end of the Carolina game this year which helped them get to FG range to give the Patriots the L.  

The patriots have had plenty of calls not go in their favor.  Unless you are a patriots fan, you either don't know or don't remember calls that go against them, which is fine. But know your ignorance instead of trying to prove facts with a highly broad and non-specific statement.  This isn't directed at you, but since Sunday the only thing everyone is saying is that the refs are in on it and the Patriots only get favorable calls.  Just another bs controversy made by grown *** men who are turning the NFL into a soap opera. 

People don't have any shame.  I'd be embarrassed if I was crying on TV or on the internet talking about the refs playing favorites or saying that the patriots are cheaters.  I would literally be so embarrassed of myself.  

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