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Saints upcoming needs and draft/free agency

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Man oh man, what a fun year but the arrow is finally pointing back up for the Saints:


Projected 32mil in cap hits

Notable free agents: Brees, Vaccaro, Okafor, Kelemete, Snead, and Coleman

Easy to deal with Snead/Coleman since they are RFA, but I think Vaccaro and Kelemete walk. Okafor gets a 2yr deal with the 2nd being voidable. Brees gets a 5yr deal, but the question depends on what guarantees.


Saints can also adjust about 10-15mil to get more cap space as well: Strief cut saves 4mil (if he can take a pay cut and stay would be better), Warford restructure saves 3-4mil, Fleener cut saves 3.2mil. If Fairley retires we can get anywhere from 1mil to 7mil back...if not we get a good **** DT.


Weaknesses we need to address:

WR2 - need a competent guy to convert 3rd downs that can get open or at least takes the top off for Thomas. I expect them to keep an eye on: Paul Richardson, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins

TE - that seam route was missing until the playoffs when Hill stepped up, but not trustworthy enough IMHO. Keep an eye on Jimmy Graham and Trey Burton


LB - Need some speed and health. Te'o is a solid MLB but he cannot cover. Robertson has been okay. Anzalone is injured so who knows. Keep an eye on Nigel Bradham and Demario Davis

S - Vaccaro needs to GTFO and after Bell dogged it I'm kind of over him too. Its time to get a solid vet who actually knows his ****. I actually do not know what though...

DL - always need DL help, esp since the unknown is obvious with Fairley. Davison-Rankins-Onyemata has been a good trio, but being able to rotate guys has been the MO of Philly this year and why teams struggle vs them. We need to take note and do the same. Hendrickson is still young, Kikaha always falls out of favor with Allen (Kikaha is a RR guy).

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7 hours ago, saints4life25 said:

Jarvis Landry would be ridiculous. Dude catches everything. If we could manage it, it would be huge. Give me Landry over Graham.

too bad he wants 8 figures

not gonna pay 10mil+ for a slot receiver, no way man.. we could pay a LB like Nigel Bradham or Demario Davis that money.

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46 minutes ago, Sauce Castieaux said:

I would love Landry... but probably won't be able to get him. Give me Paul Richardson with Seattle.

I’d also like to see them pursue Richardson.

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16 hours ago, st. diehard said:

I’d also like to see them pursue Richardson.

I've been on that train and the more I look, the more I think its possible.

Seattle has 13.6mil in cap space


Free agents:



Sheldon Richardson

Paul Richardson

Luke Wilson



Lane +4.75m


Maybe a few other,s but they got some big decisions to make

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