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Quinn/Sark and Ryan should step up like they learned in Navy Seals training and say they messed up this year.

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They haven't made any real excuses. This team holds themselves accountable. Sorry they aren't tearing apart the most successful playoff team in franchise history after a road win against the #1 offense and a loss where we were in it till the end. Some people just want to see people fired. That's what bad franchises do.

If next year is worse, sure. I can see some firings. But barring a terrible amount of injuries, it won't be.

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He does have a point.  He has men and women come into training camp every year, and they talk about helping each other out as a team.  Its obvious that Sark is complete crap and they refused to do anything about it.  They just made it a Big cluster F of an offense.  Sark will go down as the biggest mistake this franchise ever made.  People can say Vick, Petrino and that whole 2007 year...... Please, the 2006 Falcons were nothing to be proud of so it wasn't like 2007 we had any expectations.  If anything, those events led to Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn.  Either way, for Dan Quinn and this team bring in an *** hole like Sark and have him ruin the franchise like he did, was a total slap in the fans faces.  

They should fire Sark, they should demote him, they should do SOMETHING QUICK.  The fans aren't going to pay their money to watch this **** team play at the dome.  They talk about learning from mistakes, THEY DON'T LEARN because of loyalty to odd friendships they made 10 years ago.  It's weird as ****.  They really think they couldn't find 1 FB in the whole world that could do what Coleman could do?  Are you serious?  Coleman had no idea what the play was half the time

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