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Paradigm Shift In NFL


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It's getting back to the days when QB was just another position, instead of one that's overemphasized.  Football should be about the team instead of stars that the league changes the rules to overprotect.  Glad to see some nobody QB's getting a shot, and the lines and D's getting some credit.

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2 minutes ago, Doctor Kildare said:

I wish one of the goals of the Falcons this offseason would be to make sure the Falcons' pass rush can make Brees miserable in the pocket

Is any one surprised, Ryan’s best years are when line gives him time for deep ball. Last year the line held up, this year he could barely get out the ball 10 yards. 

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2 minutes ago, Geaux_Falcons said:

Let's be honest here. Vikings got a lucky play, Eagles benefited from playing an offense that has had poor execution all year. Jags are the only team that is really relying on a middling QB, and bortles hasn' been that bad really.

The backups at least didn't crap the bed.  Jist holding it in the road is a big task for these no-names.

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