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What the f*** kind of play call was that on 4th down!?!?!


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2 minutes ago, fuzzybee22 said:

Why the **** is Coleman lined up wide? Bonehead personnel group. 

Coleman and Williams and hall gave been put in positions all year in the worsen times and have failed us.. And we wonder where Gabriel's opportunities go.. That fade is 3rd down at the earliest. First play is a time killer not the go ahead score 

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I absolutely cannot believe we were at 1st and goal with 1:20 secs and two timeouts and ran essentially all pass plays.  Even if we scored we would want to run the clock down so as to avoid letting them have a easy FG opportunity.  I picked the wrong career.  Apparently you can be a playcaller in the nfl and make millions a year and not have to know anything about what you are doing.

if I performed at my Job the way Sark does at his I would be fired.  Quinn is at fault as well, he allows it to happen.  

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