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Just now, 175_Ranger_Falcon said:

We will hold you to that

i'm serious. he's not going to be any better...**** i think they were better earlier in the year. the only reason the falcons had a chance was because of the defense..

I promised myself after the superbowl last year that i was not going to put myself through another year of this..and yet i broke that promise to myself to give them a chance to redeem themselves.  I've been a loyal fan for 35 years...and for 35 years it ends up the same way...and i can easily see as long as this idiot is our OC, we have zero shot. 

I've lost enough of my time on earth watching and rooting for a team only to end up miserable, depressed, angry, frustrated, disappointed, and disgusted when it's all over. If they replace him, i might give them another shot but i'll be ****ed if i will sit and watch a team that is coached by someone who doesn't have a F8cking clue what he's doing. 

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1 minute ago, nomak said:

Freeman sucked all night. Coleman should had been used there. 

It was a shuttle pass so I think it would have been better to have Freeman or Coleman there and not your 3rd string RB.   Not crapping on Ward but you put the ball in the hands of your playmakers in situations like this...Free had to be hurt.   There was a play earlier in the game to Williams on 3rd down...I said to myself...why not have Hardy on that pattern.

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I kept trying to tell these Falcons fools that Shanahan's 1st year is not comparable to Sark's 1st year. In 2015 there was no Mohamed Sanu, no Taylor Gabriel, and no ALEX MACK, and he had more 30 point games (offensively) in his 1st year with less talent than Sark with more talent.

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If it were just about one play it would be excusable because at the end of the day that was the same play they would have called going for two to tie or win. When you get down to the 2 the field is shrunk so much your playbook is crazy small. Sure it shrunk it even more by rolling out but it's obviously a play the offense is comfortable with in those circumstances.

The much bigger problem is the fact that if you take away the almost freak turnover off the punt that resulted in our TD the offensive game plan only mustered 3 points. Nick Foles didn't have to do ANYTHING to win this game. Going in that's what you'd expect from the team with their starting QB but this game in particular showed us what the problem has been all year and it's offensive coaching and play calling. Sure, you can say Ryan could have changed the plays but you have to be able to rely on your coach in the booth and the entire offensive game plan just screamed fear from out OC. He isn't a pro level coach. He has been scared all season to take the restrictor plate off this race car of an offense and we made it to the divisional round . It doesn't seem like he changed a thing from what he was going to do at Alabama. 

I hear Dirk Koetter is available.

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3 minutes ago, atl jones bro3 said:

I agree. Don't care how Shanny panned out. That won't happen with Sark.


Shanahan was an experienced NFL OC.

Sark is a college coach who couldn't handle the stress at that level. 

Huge difference expecting a similar turnaround in season 2 with Sark.

Nice hire, Quinn, you freaking moron. 

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Personally I hate the rollout.  Especially in situations where you need to convert late to win the game.  Hated it on 3rd down in the NFCCG.  Hated it to end the half in the divisional game against GB.  Knew as I saw it that was basically it today.

Actually, I knew it was over when we had to have a TD to score and I remembered who our OC was.

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