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Schwartz be with you

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Jim Schwartz has a long resume. In 1993 he was hired as a scout by the Browns and served in that role for 3 years. Then spent another 3 years as D-assistant for the Ravens. Then Swartz spent 10 years in Tennessee, 7 of those as D-coor. In 2009 he was hired as HC of the Lions but was fired after 5 seasons. 2014 he was the Bills D-coor but took 2015 off, then was hired by the Eagles in 2016.
Schwartz has worked for Belichick(Browns), Jeff Fisher, Ted Marchibroda, Doug Marrone and,...Doug Pederson.
Looking at the Eagles 2017 defense is interesting. They sell out to stop the run, ranked first in yds allowed but their pass-D rankings are mediocre. Ranked #2 in the NFL for average time of their opponent's drives shows they get the D off the field a lot. It's clear that the Eagle's opponents last season preferred to pass against this defense rather than grind it out running. In their 3 losses the Eagles D allowed over 100 yds rushing each game but what's more telling is in those losses the opposing offenses gained over 300 yds.
And there's the key if the Falcons wanna return to the NFCCG.
There is nooooooo doubt the Eagles will be run heavy offensively Saturday afternoon. Most are predicitng a "fast game" and I agree. They'll be intent on keeping the Falcons offense off the field. And as we know the Falcons will also be determined to run the ball against a serious run defense,...even when it's not working I add.
So, a Philly writer noted yesterday, the game will be determined by Matt Ryan's arm.
I agree. Jim Schwartz has a handful to deal with Saturday. And the writer said this game is the most compelling this weekend cause no one knows what's a gonna happen. I agree. Even Vegas is unsure like last Saturday the Falcons/Rams game was predicted to be a Rams win by a field goal and is equally unsure 'bout this game as well having the Falcons as a FG fave.
I dunno,...something feels like one of the two teams will get blown out.

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