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Congrats Saints. I’m not even mad.

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I'm done stressing over that game. The only game now is the one against Carolina today. The Falcons need to play so well that even if there is poor officiating, they still win. 

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On 12/24/2017 at 11:04 PM, Kevo said:

2 weeks ago:

No facemask call against db covering Michael Thomas. 

No helmet to helmet call against debo on Kamara. 

Payton getting flagged for trying to get the ref's attention after blatantly igoring Payton calling for a timeout. 

Ref running across Lattimore's path preventing a sure pick 6.

Lol really??? Two of your so called "bad calls" are a joke. The helmet to helmet isn't a penalty for a runner and Julio would've caught Lattimore regardless 


-A 1st & 40. Nothing else need be said.

-A TOUCHDOWN by Julio overturned. The refs reasoning was he didn't have control and after showing the replay there was absolutely no question he had control

-TWO pass interference calls on Julio not called. One flag was even thrown and picked up. One PI on 3rd down and the other a 40+ yd play. 

-An invisible personal foul on Freeman when even the commentators whose job is to remain neutral said "Where's the penalty?? I don't see anything"

-An obvious helmet to helmet roughing the passer, an automatic flag in today's NFL, not called.


No comparison in officiating. It's obvious and sad the Saints had no choice but to cheat to beat us. 






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