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In before the guy who says Falcons should dump Matt Ryan and sign Aaron Rodgers

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The NFL won't follow thru on this because, well, because they are the NFL. So, no, Aaron Rodgers won't be wearing a Falcons jersey anytime soon but in some's imagination.

But it would be mighty hilarious to see Packers fans in an EPIC meltdown if the NFL testicled-up and made the Packers release him.

And one does wonder how many seconds it would take Jerry Jones to boot the over-glorified Dak Prescott to the curb to sign Rodgers?


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25 minutes ago, marvinthemartian said:

2018 starting QB for the Cleveland Browns....Aaron Rodgers!!!

I may be wrong but I think due to his length of service, Rodgers wouldn't go thru the waiver process but instead be FREE to sign with any team but the Packers.

Not that it matters because I expect it to get resloved "somehow" in the Packers favor just like when the NFL told all of us that our eyes were lying to us about Bennett going after the Jags center's knees saying he was just going after the ball. 

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Don’t think there is anything that they cannot re-sign him. It isn’t a penalty for the Packers, but an NFL rule for IR. Since he isn’t on a rookie contract he won’t need to go to waivers, and would instantly be able to sign with any team.

he would still have to agree where he signed, which he would stay in GB, and he will be getting a new deal in 1-2 years anyways, so this would just expedite the process for them.

that said, this situation will just go away.

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Rodgers = the beat-up old sportscar that needs repairs (but could go 100+ mph based on prior performance)

Ryan = the slightly less old family car that rarely needs repairs but doesn't get 100 mph without some motivation

The Falcons do not need the stress of Rodgers around.  They would be better off spending money upgrading elsewhere.

As for Rodgers leaving GB, the NFL has enough bad publicity this year and would come across as the real bad guy if they force his release.

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1 hour ago, Birdy Dird said:

I think GB will claim Rodgers sustained a new injury and circumvent the rule that way.

Rich McKay just stated that it has to be a new injury, which you stated but he expanded on this saying the new injury has to be substantial enough that the player would be out six weeks so not just any injury would work.

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