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Do we beat the Saints? NO excuses, just a yes or a no?

Do we beat the Saints? NO excuses, just a yes or a no?  

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  1. 1. Do we beat the Saints? NO excuses, just a yes or a no?

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I think the birds drop this one. The offense still isn’t...right yet. And I still don’t trust the defense. Too often the defense will allow an answer after we score, and last week they couldnt stop Winston after 10 days to prepare. I don’t see them stopping Brees on a short week IN New Orleans, especially if Kamara is healthy. We were fortunate to knock him out early last time, I don’t think we’ll be as lucky this go round. 

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1 hour ago, FulC0 said:

Well, it is on Christmas Eve.  And, we do have to travel to New Orleans.  The superdome is a tough place to play.  The Saints will have their healthy backfield on offense.  The refs have not been calling a lot of PI for Julio Jones.  Matt Ryan's accuracy has been a bit off and we lead the NFL in dropped passes.  Also, there have been a number of phantom holding calls on our offensive line while our D-lineman are constantly mugged with no flags thrown. 

Sean Peyton, high on roxy drug cocktails, will probably have his players cheap shotting and head-hunting. 

Our fans may not travel like they normally do for fear of contracting syphilis in stinky down.  Global warming is shrinking Antartic ice and encroaching on polar bears' natural habitat.  This is the 12.5 year anniversary of Katrina and that may play into the refs' collective subjective thinking.  We will be playing at sea level, which may effect bronchial dilation of our skill players.  Rocky Alford is always getting called for mystery PI.  There is an NFL conspiracy against Ricardo Allen who was apparently drug tested after being fined for a questionable illegal hit. Apparently, the urinalysis was being handled by the Manitowoc Sheriff's department who have hired on Mark Furhman as a special investigator.  There is an obvious conspiracy against our players which reaches far and wide - well above Gooddell and possibly all the way to the Kremlin. 

Rumor has it that the Ghost of Elvis Presley showed up at the new dome box office for the Miami game and found that there are  no longer tickets being left for him by Jerry Glanville.  Accordingly, a curse has been placed on the organization and there is a criminal scheme being orchestrated by the King himself and several voodoo practitioners from Slidell, LA. 

In short, it is going to be a tough game.

Yes. It was the night before Christmas, and all through the dome, worried Saints fans were suddenly starting to moan. Their evening had started with hardly a care, until Brees got hit so hard he soiled his underwear.

Then from the Stank sideline there sprang such a clatter, for Payton had popped too much Vicodin and went mad as a hatter. Mattie Ice caught fire with a long TD pass, then raised a finger to the Stank sidelines and said, Kiss our azz!

The StuperDome grew quiet and there was nowhere a dry eye as their overblown division champ dreams suddenly went bye-bye.

Then from his sleigh high above Santa was heard to exclaim, "Merry Christmas Atlanta, your Falcons beat them Stains!

Translation: Yes.


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Falcons win.  We played terrible last game and still won.  We will play better and we will win.  

The pressure is on the saints, not the falcons.  Everyone expects the saints with Kamara on the field to beat the Falcons.  

Our defense is legit.  We will get pressure on Breez he will cough it up. 

Our offense has gotten incrementally better.  It will take a team effort, but we can definitely win and we will win.  

Falcons 31
Saints 27

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Just now, Slappywhite said:

Lmao but , and Im not sure why ,but Payton reminds me of Ben Stiller as Zoolander , its the way he does his lips or something ..


images (5).jpeg

lol - yeah that works too - but every time I see him - especially the ears showing full face - I can see Alfred E Neuman


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